Established   in 1960 by   Soterios John Vassiliades the company began importing lubricants and various products for the local market.

Following the successful acquisition of the family legacy in petroleum business  Sotos .J. Vassiliades  located at the home town of  Famagusta  began importing lubricating oils, greases,  additives, tires, among them very known brands of that time  like CENTURY OILS ,ROYAL SNOWDRIFT, STP, SIACO, etc..

In 1965 he succeeded in becoming the exclusive representative of TEXACO oils in Cyprus for the distribution of their products. Initially the company faced some difficulties due to the intense competition that existed and the limited number of vehicles that ran on the island. 

Soon, however, the company’s excellent service, products and high level of professionalism enable it to expand and to  become successful . 

However, its success was interrupted by the Turkish invasion and the subsequent occupation of Famagusta.
Its good name and reputation however remained intact. With hard work, commitment and support by TEXACO the company was able to bounce back and overcome the socio-economic instability and  capture the success that it enjoyed in the pass.

Currently the company commands more than 15% of the Cyprus market in its field, a fact that becomes very important assuming that our main brands  do not operate any gas stations in the island like other competitive brands. From this setback the company has gone from strength to strength and proudly enjoys its success and reputation.